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How it Works?

The MEGA eGo-CE4 e-cigarette is new generation of MEGA eGo tank e-cigarette with new technology of 1.6ml transparent CE4 Plug cartomizer(eGo CE4+ Clearomizer) and MEGA eGo batteries (1100mAh). CE4 Plus cartomizer is the latest Clearomizer designed to work with eGo Series batteries:

MEGA eGo Ce4 cartomizer starter kit


 1) Easy to fill the e-liquid. Just take off the CE4 cartomizer inhaler tip, fill the e-liquid, and then screw back the inhaler tip onto the eGo CE4 cartomizer.

  2) Huge capacity, eGo ce4 cartomizer can hold about 1.6ml of E-liquid.
  3) Fits nicely on an eGo giving a clean finished look.
  4) With scale on the eGo CE4 transparent clearomizer, you can see how much nicotine you inhaled.
  5) Longer wicks for more consistent flow of e-liquid to the coil in any position
  6) No burning, no leaking. Very large vapor.
  7) Large capacity batteries, the average to heavy user can get 6 to 8 hours of use from a fully eGo charged battery .

Base Package:eGo CE4 cartomizer mega e-cig accessories

Note: the black MEGA eGo-CE4 starter kit is with two black eGo CE4 cartomizers, white and stainless steel with two clear eGo CE4 cartomizers, the tip is round and the resistance are normal (3.0 Ohms), if you want other colors, low resistance or flat tip eGo CE4 cartomizers.

* Diameter: 14mm
* Length: 152mm (w/tip)
* Weight:  46g (w/tip)
* Package dimension:237X100X36mm  weight: 365 g 
*Color: Black, white, and stainless steel (silver)

The capacity of CE4 cartomizer: 1.6ml E-liquid 
Mouthfuls for one full filled CE4 cartomizer keeps: 400 mouthfuls
E-liquid content of each full filled CE4 cartomizer equals traditional cigarette:28 pcs
Capacity of battery :1100 mah
Nornal Working Voltage:3.6v-4.2v
Full battery can keep for :about 1350 mouthfuls
Charge time:3-4 hours

The Magic Personal Vaporizer; Dry Herb Vaporizer, supplied by Cancer-Bites.com, Oliver, BC


 Dry Herb Vaporizer How it works 
Magic Dry Herb Vaporizer Structures:
1. Rubber Mouthpiece:- This Rubber Mouthpiece is an essential piece of the device.

2. Ceramic Filter:- The Ceramic Filter allows a smooth airflow from the Ceramic Heating
Chamber to the Rubber Mouthpiece.Fitting directly into the Rubber Mouthpiece, this
filter is designed to cool air before passing to the rubber mouthpiece, preventing heat
from entering your mouth.
3. Mesh Filter:- The Mesh Filter is located in the Chamber Connector and acts as the first line of protection from any particles before reaching the Ceramic Filter.

4. Spring:- The Spring is the is also essential for the efficient functioning of the device. The main function of the Spring is to apply pressure to the dried blends within the
Ceramic Heating Chamber to allow for even heating throughout. Once engaged, there is no need to open the device to make sure that all the dried blends are used.

5. Chamber Connector:- The Chamber Connector houses the Mesh filter and the Spring. It also connects the Rubber Mouthpiece through to the Ceramic Heating

6. Ceramic Heating Chamber:- This is where all the Magic happens. Made out of stainless steel and ceramic parts, all you have to do is simply add your dried blends and
you are ready to go. The Ceramic Heating Chamber will heat your dried blends and release the vapor, and only vapor, through the Rubber Mouthpiece. NO SMOKE!

7. Rechargeable LCD Battery: The specialized Lithium Ion Battery is designed with a unique size and power. A simple push of the power button activates the device and
the LCD display.

The Magic
Personal Vaporizer
Features & Advantages

• High capacity rechargeable battery for 1~2 days continuous
use. LCD is the default, non-LCD is available for a little bit less.
• Small size and low power consumption. Even so, vapor
quality is stable and reliable.
• The clear cartridge is without cotton or liquids inside, and can
be dismantled and filled with materials easily.
• The pungent odor of cannabis is all but removed from the
equation... The smelly, high tar smoke, is replaced by an
invisible and harmless vapor. Vape medicinal herb anywhere &
anytime relief from pain or nausea is desired.
The only problem with Medicinal Marijuana is the stigma that surrounds
it. Marijuana can stop cancer patients from vomiting, and restore vision
to glaucoma patients. Yet many good people choose lesser or dangerous
medicines, or no medicine at all, rather than smoke a pot-cigarette.
And with good reason: like cigarettes, it's extremely