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TTzig vs. Tobacco Cigarettes

Upgrade your lungs!

Breathe again with TTzig electronic cigarettes. It contains no tar, no carbon monoxide and none of the cancerous agents found in normal tobacco cigarettes. Our proprietary nicotine vapor is as harmful as to your lungs as the air we all breath everyday. TTzig nicotine vapor has three primary ingredients; water, nicotine, and propylene glycol (a common additive in food coloring and baking mixes). The TTzig electronic cigarette gives you only the nicotine you crave, without taking a toll on your lungs and heart. All TTzig products have been vigorously tested and have been approved by the German Ministry of Consumer Protection (similar to the US FDA), for safe consumption by humans.

Upgrade your Wallet!

The TTzig electronic cigarette is much cheaper than normal tobacco cigarettes. One TTzig flavor cartridge is formulated to last as long as a regular pack of tobacco cigarettes. A 5-pack of TTzig flavor cartridges costs around $15.00, ($11.00 if you purchase our discounted 40-packs). When you buy one TTzig 5-pack it’s like buying 5 packs of normal cigarettes about a $37 value. TTzig allows you pay as little as $2.25 per pack. More less than half as much. With TTzig you'll reduce your total cigarette expenditures by between 50% and 75%. Don't burn your money away with break the tobacco use once and for all, save your money but more importantly do it for your health. Over the course of a year, you can save thousands of dollars! With TTzig? you're not just upgrading your health, you're upgrading your wallet!

Upgrade the Environment!

TTzig electronic cigarettes create no second-hand smoke, no ash, and no fire risks. A single TTzig flavor cartridge is equivalent to between 20-30 cigarettes (depending upon the deepness of your puffing style), yet TTzig electronic cigarettes don't produce the dirty waste that normal cigarettes leave behind. With TTzig you're not only helping yourself, but also the environment! Tobacco cigarettes not only harm you and the people in breathing distance of you, but they place a major burden on our environment. You can enjoy your TTzig guilt free, free yourself from the status as “smoker,” once and for all.

Upgrade your Social Life!

TTzig is accepted everywhere. With no second-hand smoke and no offensive odors, you no longer need to worry about offending your non-smoker friends. No need to step outside in inclement weather, or struggle through non-smoking social events. With TTzig you can smoke anywhere you want... even in no smoking areas, like bars, restaurants, offices, and airports. The TTzig e-cigarette won't leave your home and car smelling like an ashtray, or expose your family to dangerous second-hand smoke. If you're a smoker, you owe it to yourself and all those around you to try TTzig With our 30-day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose. If you're not satisfied, simply return your starter kit for a full refund! No questions asked!